Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Mocking Bird's Favorite
Plaid Jane
*high quality plaid dress with bow*
Size : UK6-UK10
Length : 37 inches
Material : Thick cotton with lining (high quality)
Price : RM36

Charming Daisies
*full felt embroidered flowers design with crystal buttons*
*can be creatively worn as a top*
Size : UK6-UK10
Length : 40.5 inches
Material : Sheer and thick chiffon
Price : RM30

Mocking Bird's Favorite
Lacey Peacock
*full lace and lining with embroidered flowers*
Size : UK4-UK8
Length : 36 inches
Material : Lace with lining
Price : RM25

Pleating Plum
*embroidered flowers*
Size : UK6-UK8
Length : 41 inches
Material : Thai silk
Price : RM20

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